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Kung Fu

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If you’re looking for martial arts lessons for adults or even for the whole family in the Ventnor City area, Margate, Atlantic City, Longport, Northfield areas, you’ve come to the right place!

In our totally unique, innovative Kung Fu program, you’ll not only learn how to defend yourself and your family in virtually any situation, but you’ll also quickly (and safely) build muscle, melt fat, increase flexibility, and gain a greater sense of peace and quiet self-confidence.

Imagine walking into the board room or into the boss’s office to ask for that long overdue raise with a new sense of confidence and certainty. You’ll accomplish all of this and more in our Smiling Dragon Kung Fu innovative martial arts lessons for adults!

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Sifu Shaman with his student Joe Davis,
who had just defeated schools from Florida to Maine
to be named East Coast Grand Champion
in forms and fighting!

Sifu Shaman with his student Joe Davis,
who had just defeated schools from Florida to Maine
to be named East Coast Grand Champion
in forms and fighting!

Some of the material you will learn in our adult classes are:

Every adult class is also deeply enriched with Qigong, which teaches relaxation, grounding, and a profound sense of feeling centered & at peace. We also offer TAI CHI CLASSES, and a wealth of other Chi Gong/wellness programs to support your truest well-being.


Martial Intelligence
Although we teach a genuinely “internal” approach to self-defense, it is all infused with a ferocious martial intelligence. It is highly effective and practical in real life scenarios.


A word about different martial arts styles, and history, for the layperson: Karate was originally written as “Chinese hand” (唐手 literally “Tang dynasty hand”) in kanji. It was later changed to a homophone meaning empty hand (空手). Historically, the people living in the islands of Okinawa just south of Japan got exposed to Chinese Kung Fu martial arts due to the close proximity to China. Whether we are talking about Karate from Okinawa or Japan, or we are talking about Kung Fu (the original empty hand), there are very consistent principles and virtues that are always in place. Self-control, respect, honor, and a courageous champion’s spirit are just some of the common threads. If you are looking for Karate or Kung Fu, for kid’s or adults, in Ventnor (08406), Pleasantville (08232), Egg Harbor Township (08234), Northfield (08225), Linwood (08221), Somers Point (08244), Margate (08402), Atlantic City (08401, 08404 or 08405), Ocean City (08226), or Absecon (08201 or 08205), then you have come to the right place!! You owe it to yourself, and/or your child, to come in for a FREE class, and see why what we offer is the BEST martial arts training in Atlantic County!! Also please ask about our Tai Chi and Qigong programs for good health.


Look at what students are saying
The Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy has been a life changing experience for me.
“Sifu Shaman is the most positive person I have ever known, and the students involved with the school reflect this attitude as well.”
-Robin A
Egg Harbor Township
The sincerity with which Sifu Shaman teaches.
“A lineage that’s about as true to its ancestry and roots as one could conceivably train in these modern times. All taught with integrity and worthiness under Sifu Shaman’s careful eye.”

Eric GSomers Point


I joined the Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy expecting to learn how to fight.
“Unknowingly, the journey embarked upon would become a lifestyle encompassing not only the physical, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms as well. Sifu Shaman cultivates a familial atmosphere of loving respect and mutual appreciation for his students. Classes are dynamic, playful, and fun!”
– Brandon S
I’ve trained many years in traditional Tae Kwon Do, and hold my black belt second degree.
“I started training with Sifu Shaman and was welcomed with great sincerity and positive energy. This has translated me into a better person physically and mentally. The atmosphere is always welcoming and positive, no egos, just real Kung Fu from the best.”
-Joe Davis: East Coast Grand Champion