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Welcome To Smiling Dragon Kung Fu

Welcome to the official website of the Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy in Ventnor, New Jersey. The Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy is a Certified Branch School under the auspices of Sigung Dr. Crescione, of New York. Master Crescione, an internationally recognized senior expert in Wing Chun Kung Fu, is a 2nd generation student directly under Great Grandmaster Yip Man (Ip Man). Sifu David Shaman, a devoted student of Sigung Dr. Crescione for 31 years, directs the academy, and supervises the instruction of all classes personally. Great Grandmaster Yip Man is probably most well-known these days for the popular series of “Ip Man” movies recently released. But he was famous long before that for being Bruce Lee's Sifu, and long before that as well. For being the undisputed authority on Wing Chun Kung Fu. Sigung Dr. Crescione has studied extensively with Great Grandmaster Yip Man's son, Grandmaster Ip Ching, as well as other very important Master's and Grandmasters (please see lineage page). The roots of the Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy can be traced directly back to the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Monastery in China. Out of hundreds of advanced and sophisticated fighting systems, Wing Chun Kung Fu is considered to be the refinement and stream-lining of them all. Being the last style to be born from this truly great and noble heritage.

Check out what our students are saying about the school!

The Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy has been a life changing experience for me. Wing Chun Kung Fu & Tai Chi Chi Kung are practices I plan to continue for the rest of my life. Sifu Shaman is the most positive person I have ever known, and the students involved with the school reflect this attitude as well. All ages can benefit from this training, and the camaraderie, learning experience, and enhancements to health are beyond anything else I have ever experienced.
- Robin Atlas, Northfield

I've trained many years in traditional Tae Kwon Do, and hold my black belt second degree. I started training with Sifu Shaman and was welcomed with great sincerity and positive energy. This has translated me into a better person physically and mentally. The atmosphere is always welcoming and positive, no egos, just real Kung Fu from the best.
- Joe Davis, Northfield